My Cats

I know I'm a sad old cat lady. I don't care XD So here're my kitties.

I got Oscar in 2016 after my cat Mister Hideki passed. I got him from The Cat's Cradle, a wonderful place that does a lot for cats. Someone had thrown him out of a moving car, which scraped off some of his gum and caused his tail to be amputated. I'll be forever grateful that they had him at PetSmart that day.

Ah, Mister Hideki....He was with me until 2016. He was 16. I miss him so much! I kept his ashes and they sit in a little shrine I made for him. :) Sadly I don't have many very good pictures of him. I didn't have a smartphone then. He was named after the character Mr Hideki from Devil Hunter Yohko, who if I'm remembering right (it's been 21 years, man) Yohko had a crush on. As for "Lengoe", that was a guy at my school who I thought had a cool name. XD