to SUKIYAKI CITY! This is the personal space of Nemi. Here you will find art, graphics, photography and other things. Please have a look around and leave a message in my Cbox if you want! ^_^ Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy your stay!


10/11/23 - Wow, haven't updated in a while. I fixed the contact form which was lacking a submit button for some reason O_o I also fixed a lot of bugs here and there.

4/9/23 - I'm not dead! I just haven't had anything to update. Also this is my birthday month =D

1/10/23 - Happy New Year! I decided to close the oekaki board because of spam and I don't really think anyone was gonna use it anyways.

12/26/22 - A very (few hours late) merry Christmas to you all! If you don't celebrate, then just have a nice day! :D Registered the domain for the oekaki board - Oekaki.city. It's not working just yet. Give it time to propagate I guess.

11/21/22 - Finally got iframes to work :) Now I don't have to edit every page of the site when I want to add a link or change something. Yay! If you encounter any bugs, please let me know.

11/19/22 - Changing some stuff (fonts mostly) around to freshen up the site. I'm not done but the front page looks better I think. I can't get the title to be the size I want. It's all wonky, I dunno. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Thanks to my friend Mal for making me a nice, organized stylesheet (I really suck at those) and streamlining my code (which I also suck at)!! I need to do Iframes too, but I'll get to that later tonight. :3

11/17/22> - Had to make a new cbox because the old one wouldn't unlock O_o Anyhow, it's open, leave a message! Just don't drop n-bombs and general bizarreness in there like some weirdos were doing. Made me uncomfortable. That's one reason I closed it. Also, the art (most of it) has moved to it's own site!

11/5/22 - Added a link to the new Oekaki Board. It's kind of bare bones right now but I'm working on making it look better. Go draw!

11/1/22 - My art pages haven't worked in god knows how long, I just realized it and fixed them. They won't be on this site much longer (maybe a few days, they'll have their own site) but yeah. Fixed XD

9/29/22 - no, im not dead. ive just stepped away from the site for a while to focus more on my soon to be illustrations site and comic. and why is the cbox closed? because some people were leaving weird and sometimes very inappropriate messages which made me very uncomfortable. ill probably scrap it altogether in future iterations of this site.

5/12/22 - A wonderful friend made a fanlisting for me!! Join if you think I'm cool or even just okay XD It would really make my day.

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