to SUKIYAKI CITY! This is the personal space of Carla. Here you will find art, graphics, photography and other things. Please have a look around and leave a message in my Cbox or Guestbook if you want! ^_^


1/24/21 - Updated the MP3 rotation with some VGM!

1/21/21 - Added a bunch of Backgrounds :3

1/15/21 - I made two more buttons :3

1/10/21 - Updated the Mp3 Rotation. Also I added the link to my 3D & animation art Tumblr to the sidebar, I hope if you have a tumblr that you will follow me, even though I haven't posted anything yet! Here it is - Soba City. I am enamoured of .city domains and Japanese food names, as you can see :3

1/9/21 - New domain is up :D And new buttons!

1/8/21 - DOMAIN & NAME CHANGE COMING UP! Don't be too surprised! :D New domain is sukiyaki.city as soon as I figure out how to fricken configure it with Neocities. Support had to do it for me last time >_>; I'll have everything redirected so you don't have to change your links, although I'd really appreciate if you did! And of course, a new button will be made which I hope my affies/mutuals will use, but it's no biggie if ya don't. I also got a new domain for my 3D art, which I am in the beginner stage of learning. I will add it on the sidebar when, once again, I get it configured with Neocities.

1/2/21 - New layout. The background is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the Casino Night Zone level. I also won two new awards! Happy New Year! :D

12/27/20 - Added a Random Image page, for fun. Credit to Pete's site for that idea. Updated the Mp3 Rotation with a Sailor Moon song you might not have heard! :D Rearranged the menu bar and added some stuff too.

12/25/20 - Merry Christmas!

12/13/20 - Updated the MP3 Rotation with a really good song :)

12/7/20 - I found my old sticker albums, so I'm making them available to put in your virtual sticker album! Might take me a while, so check back :)

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