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11/28/21 - Updated the Mp3 rotation for the first time since June!

10/21/21 - I'm alive! I finished my Junko Furuta tribute page! I'm going to totally redo the links page next.

8/26/21 - Wow, haven't updated for over a month, and completely forgot the Mp3 rotation. I have just been...exhausted. I don't even want to open my laptop. Anyhow, I'll upload a new song Saturday night or Sunday :3 I hope you are all doing well!

7/24/21 - Updated the Mp3 rotation :3

7/6/21 - Went ahead and updated the Mp3 rotation because I won't be here Saturday or Sunday, as I'm leaving for the beach finally :D

6/22/21 - Updated the Mp3 rotation a bit late this time D:

6/14/21 - Added one video to the AMVs page.

6/9/21 - Added a page of Interesting Videos!

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