to SUKIYAKI CITY! This is the personal space of Carla. Here you will find art, graphics, photography and other things. Please have a look around and leave a message in my Cbox if you want! ^_^ This site was formerly karasuchan.me and karasu.me.


5/12/22 - A wonderful friend made a fanlisting for me!! Join if you think I'm cool or even just okay XD It would really make my day.

3/19/22 - This site is going to go through a total rehaul real soon. Anyhoo, updated some of the links below.

3/14/22 - FIXED THE ART PAGES OMG. I can't believe I didn't notice they weren't loading! Also thanks to bogleech/stinkyhat@tumblr for linking my site in a post! I got SOOO many visitors! Thank you all for your lovely comments and for visiting my site! ♥

1/5/22 - Added several new links down in the mutuals and other sites :)

1/4/22 - Happy new year! I added about 80 images to the random images page. See if you can find them :)

12/21/21 - Gave the Links page a redo and it's own tiny site. It's not anywhere close to being done. Expect a new layout soon. Well, this layout with different colors and a different background. lol. *lazy*

12/19/21 - Gave Pixels, Toybox, and Mp3 rotation their own little mini-sites. The layouts are OLD from 2010 and 2016. I like them though so I won't change them.

12/16/21 - Updated the Mp3 rotation ^_^

11/28/21 - Updated the Mp3 rotation for the first time since June!

10/21/21 - I'm alive! I finished my Junko Furuta tribute page! I'm going to totally redo the links page next.

8/26/21 - Wow, haven't updated for over a month, and completely forgot the Mp3 rotation. I have just been...exhausted. I don't even want to open my laptop. Anyhow, I'll upload a new song Saturday night or Sunday :3 I hope you are all doing well!

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