As you can see, I'm clique-obsessed. XD

Scented // raspberry martini
OTP :: Heero + Relena
patron :: Cernunnos
I'm owned by Aya Fujimiya & Dark Mousy
i'm eating Mozzarella Sticks
My Element is Earth
Mine! // Dark Mousy
Digital Love :: [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
Keeping Jasmine out of trouble.
I am Wrath
My Wings of the Heart are Black Angel Wings!
My song is Sehnsucht

aishiteru © Aya Fujimiya
split personality « Tira Misu
sidekick spotlight \ P-Chan
chinatown « » Crab Rangoon
seigaku ♪ Megumi Hayashibara
standing ovation Hurdy Gurdy
()))  Purple  )))>
bishoujo ♀ Setsuna Meioh
itsumademo ∞ Dark Mousy
bishounen ♂ Tsuzuki Asato
no shame ♂ yaoi Kakashi + Iruka
I Blush Around .x. Gene Starwind

I will remember Kami forever.
JFuck >> Gackt & Klaha
~ [gackt] is too damn Glompalicious ~
I'm stuck in an elevator with Mana-Sama

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