I am in the process of redoing this entire list, and adding a lot more cool links. It's kind of rudimentary atm, sorry!

Online Comics
Sexy Losers / Been reading this since I was too young to be reading it! Very, extremely, NSFW and in some cases, NSFL. You were warned.
Hallmarks of Felinity / It's about cats!
Nice Hair / GO 'WAY!
Not Enough Rings / People who have played the 16 bit Sonic games a few hundred times over will enjoy this.
Sarah's Scribbles / Pretty sure everyone's seen some of these!
Cat vs Human / Another one about cats!

Random OC Generator
Science Fiction Plot Generator
Who the F**k is my D&D Character
Fantasy Name Generator
French Vampire Name Generator
Medieval Name Generator
Seventh Sanctum has about a billion generators. I swear to God there's one for everything.

SCP Foundation / You can get lost for hours on this site.
Lovecraft E-Zine
The H.P. Lovecraft Archive / A complete archive of Lovecraft's writings, and much more.

Pocket Bishounen / Originally a site where you could "catch" bishounen like Pokemon, by answering questions about them. You could then get a little graphic to put on your website to show you caught them! The site disappeared at some point, but someone brought it back! Let's hope they keep updating it!
Pocket Bishoujo / If I recall, this is the original site! Same concept as Pocket Bishounen.
TheFanlistings.org / A directory of fanlistings! If you don't know what this is, read more here. They're fun to join and even more fun to create!
AnimeFanlistings.com / Fanlistings for anime/manga related subjects.
Elouai Candybar Doll Maker / Make neat-looking dolls. Many makers to choose from.
Anilinks / A directory of anime/manga related links!
OC Remix / VGM community with a ton of awesome game music remixes!
Pixel Joint / Lots of awesome pixel art made by users of the site.

Image Map Generator
Noise Texture Generator
Fantasy Map Maker / Useful for World-building.
CSS Button Generator
Compress Huge PNGs or JPGs
DIV Table Generator
Converting Bellabuffs to Enthusiast / For those of you who own fanlistings and run into this problem.
SiteOrigin Background Maker / Excellent BG maker.
Glow Text Maker
Pixlr X / Online graphics editor.
Befunky Collage Maker
Lunapic Photo Editor / I like this because it allows circle-cropping.
CSS Tools And Resources
CSS Default Values Reference
Textures.com / Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop.