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Welcome to my MP3 rotation! I'll upload a new song every other Sunday. Right click + download to save. :) To preview, click and it should play in your browser. I don't claim to own the music posted here. Everything is for promotional purposes only. The idea is that if you love it, you'll buy it. If you want your music taken down, contact me and I will do so. Thanks!

JANUARY 24th 2021
Song: Gothic Neclord
Artist: Miki Higashino
Album: Genso Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 2
Year: 1998
Genre: vgm
Comments: Epic boss battle theme song. Organnnssss.

JANUARY 10th 2021
Song: Low
Artist: Cracker
Album: Kerosene Hat
Year: 1993
Genre: Alt Rock
Comments: I love this song! Heard it on the radio all the time in the 90s. Heard it again the other day, which inspired me to post it.

DECEMBER 27th 2020
Song: Silver Millenium
Artist: Super Moonies
Album: Silver Millenium - Best of Super Moonies
Year: 2000
Genre: Europop
Comments: The Sailor Moon series released in Germany had it's own music, some by a band called Super Moonies! This is my favorite song by them.

DECEMBER 13th 2020
Song: Bloodline
Artist: The Cruxshadows
Album: ... Night Crawls In
Year: 1993
Genre: Gothic, Darkwave
Comments: This song is so Vampiric, pounding and throbbing like blood pumping through my veins.

DECEMBER 2nd 2020
Song: The Riddle
Artist: Nik Kershaw
Album: The Riddle
Year: 1984
Genre: Pop
Comments: Someone said this song should have been the theme of an epic 80s fantasy movie, and I completely agree!

NOVEMBER 15th 2020
Song: A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere these Days
Artist: The Chameleons
Album: Script of the Bridge
Year: 1983
Genre: Post-Punk
Comments: Beautiful melodic song by the Chameleons. Give it a listen :)

OCTOBER 31st 2020
Song: Cry Little Sister
Artist: Blutengel
Album: The Oxidising Angel
Year: 2005
Genre: Goth, Industrial
Comments: A truly great cover of Gerard McMann's 'Cry Little Sister' (from the Lost Boys soundtrack in case you haven't heard it). Happy Hallowe'en!

OCTOBER 27th 2020
Song: Things Can Only Get Better
Artist: Howard Jones
Album: Dream into Action
Year: 1985
Genre: Pop, Synthpop
Comments: If you like "80s music" (which is a hugely amorphous term but whatever) you will probably like this. :)

OCTOBER 11th 2020
Song: Eleanor Rigby
Artist: Godhead
Album: Power Tool Stigmata
Year: 1997
Genre: Metal, Alternative
Comments: This is a cover of the Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby, which is my fav Beatles song to begin with. This cover is freakin' awesome and I've loved it since I was like 16. I even did an art project based on it, which got a failing grade because my art teacher said it was "too gothic". But I digress...

SEPTEMBER 20th 2020
Song: The Look
Artist: Roxette
Album: Look Sharp!
Year: 1988
Genre: Pop
Comments: Love this song. :)

SEPTEMBER 9th 2020
Song: Acolyle
Artist: Blitz
Album: Second Empire Justice
Year: 1983
Genre: Post-Punk
Comments: Great song. It has a good atmosphere :)

AUGUST 23rd 2020
Song: La Femme D'argent
Artist: Air
Album: Moon Safari
Year: 1998
Genre: Chill, downtempo, electronic
Comments: Another Air song! This one is actually my favorite. I have listened to it so many times. It's so chill and gives a retro vibe to me.

AUGUST 9th 2020
Song: Matsuri Uta
Artist: Megumi Hayashibara
Album: Bertemu
Year: 1996
Genre: Anime OST
Comments: From the soundtrack of Blue Seed, I believe. This song is so beautiful. Megumi is my most beloved seiyuu and female singer :3 You will certainly see more of her music here! I also own her fanlisting ;D

JULY 26th 2020
Song: Mortal Kombat techno remix
Artist: ??
Album: ??
Year: ??
Genre: Techno
Comments: A staple of my teenage years. :D

JULY 12th 2020
Song: Satellite
Artist: Rise Against
Album: Endgame
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock, melodic hardcore
Comments: Aaah I looove this song. It's awesome.

JUNE 28th 2020
Song: IceCapped OC Remix
Artist: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & OCremix
Album: ?
Year: ?
Genre: VGM, electronic
Comments: My favorite game music remix!

JUNE 16th 2020
Song: Cherchez le Garcon
Artist: Taxi Girl
Album: Cherchez le Garcon
Year: 1980
Genre: New Wave, electronic
Comments: Hey, more French music!

MAY 15TH 2020
Song: Cherry Blossom Girl
Artist: AIR
Album: Talkie Walkie
Year: 2004
Genre: Chill, downtempo, electronic
Comments: I'll start with one of my favorite songs that I actually discovered on an MP3 rotation back in 2004! I absolutely love this song and I hope you will too.

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