Sigil Breakers

Brief Synopsis: Year 9107, Earth. The Black Hive is the home of the power-hungry ancient quantum supercomputer CELES, which has long ago become sentient. No one knows where the computer came from or who built it. CELES lends it's power to "Quantum Sorcerers" to carry out it's plans. In return, they get to live the good life in Sky City. When a young girl is abducteed and placed in a prison for breaking the rules, her father and his party of magic users must rush to save her and destroy the computer once and for all.

I am a bad writer. I apologize :O Hopefully the comic will have better dialogue if I can find someone to help me out with that. XD I do not know when I will start drawing this, I'm still working out a lot of kinks in the story!

PS: I'm not trying to be the most original, the best writer, or the best artist. I definitely don't think I'm hot sh*t. It's all for fun :)

PSS: I had a webcomic back in 2003 called Machina I then found out there was a professional comic called Machina, so I had to change the name to Claire de Lune or something like that. I managed to bang out 16 or so pages before I got burnt out. Let's hope this one turns out better.

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