Sigil Breakers

Brief Synopsis: LOLLL I'm gonna rewrite this, God I suck XD

I am a bad writer. I apologize :O Hopefully the comic will have better dialogue if I can find someone to help me out with that. XD I do not know when I will start drawing this, I'm still working out a lot of kinks in the story!

PS: I'm not trying to be the most original, the best writer, or the best artist. I definitely don't think I'm hot sh*t. It's all for fun :)

PSS: I had a webcomic back in 2003 called Machina I then found out there was a professional comic called Machina, so I had to change the name to Claire de Lune or something like that. I managed to bang out 16 or so pages before I got burnt out. Let's hope this one turns out better.

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